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Friday, March 30, 2007

Lucky Charms II

Keeping with the topic of the day, I thought I’d post some photos of pros with good luck charms.

Here are a few that, in my opinion, are stranger than most.

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Lance Armstrong wore a pendant that was a silhouette of Texas, which makes sense - after all he is a Texan.

The fact that he's an admitted atheist and also wore a crucifix is what strikes me as somewhat odd. I believe the story behind it, was that it was given to him by a woman who worked for his foundation, who later died of cancer, and he wore it in memory of her.

Or maybe it's the literal translation of the cross he has to bear, being a Texan and all?

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Who can ever forget Tyler Hamilton, wearing the dog tags of his recently deceased dog Tugboat, at the 2004 Tour de France.

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Perhaps the strangest pendant in the professional peloton is worn by Michael Boogerd.

I've tried to find some back up of this in writing, but I can't. You'll have to trust my memory, and my limited Dutch.

If I recall correctly, when asked what his medal was after kissing it when he crossed the finish line after winning the Queen's stage of the 2002 Tour de France to La Plagne, he told the Dutch TV crew that it was a vial that contained the baby teeth of his then Fiancée. Vodoolicious.

I guess his baby teeth were too big?

If you're interested in getting yourself a cycling specific charm, look no further than Graham Watson's website.


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