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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Davis Phinney's Biceps

When people hear the name Davis Phinney, they think of that crash, Connie, Taylor, 7-11, and recently the fight.

Me? I think of all of those, but in the end i still marvel at his biceps.

With that in mind, I present to you some additional photographs from the 1992 Fitchburg Longsjo Classic.




Dolph Lundgren said...

He should have been up against Sly Stallone in the Rocky movies..WHAT A GUY!

JohnB said...

A couple of my bike riding friends from Fitchburg swear those photos were from 93.
The gray house in the 2nd photo belongs to my wife's aunt, spent many a summer afternoon sitting on that porch watching the circuit races go by.
Now that they've had a taste, my bike riding friends from Fitchburg want more of your vintage Longsjo photos.
thanks for posting!

JohnB said...

Another of my bike riding friends from Fitchburg pointed out that Davis is wearing bib #02. Being the winner of the 91 and 93 Longsjo, he should've been wearing #01 in the 92 race.
Also pointed out to me is there do not appear to be any USA National team kits in the peleton.
Regardless, they are still asking for more more more....
thanks again!

Shaver said...

The man himself thinks it's '92, and if you see the 2nd rider left of DP, you'll note the '92 National team kit (sponsored bu Skittles).

My initial confusion was based on the fact that I found some pics from Killington in the same pile.

JohnB said...

Ahhhh, so KSR as DP pointed out = Killington Stage Race (duh).
It makes sense, I'll relay the Skittles info to my bike riding friends from Fitchburg and let them sort it out.
And the photos have been a big hit with them, they've been busy trying to identify spectators in the photos.
thanks again,