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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey Cannonball, Shut Up and Ride

Today’s entry is inspired by recent events at the Giro d'Italia.

It’ about a simple saying, one that most cyclists are taught, at one point or another: shut up and ride. In other words, stop whining, don’t be a crybaby, grow up, be a man, and get on with it.

That means, if you break your chain, while you may be frustrated – which is understanable – you should suppress your urge to throw your very light, very expensive bicycle over a fence. It's unseemly, and the sponsors don't like it. Besides, someone should let David know that it's Cabers he's supposed to be tossing, not Felts.

That also means if you blow a sprint, you really shouldn’t go on public record blaming everyone but your self. You see, this time, David Millar kept his mouth shut, unlike his compatriot Mark Cavendish.

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I spotted Cavendish shouting at someone while watching yesterday's sprint finish in San Vincenzo. There wasn't much to be gleaned as to why the young Manxman threw a hissy fit (again). Finally, after a little digging, I found this:

Cavendish pointed at Dall'Antonia even before crossing the line and continued to shout at the Italian for getting in the way. He had really wanted to win the stage in front of his long-time coach and confident Rod Ellingworth who was standing near the finish.

“I'm disappointed because I want to win a second stage and it would have been special because Rod was there watching,” Cavendish told Cycling Weekly.

“Unfortunately Dall'Antonia got in the way. He's obviously got a right to have a go in the sprint but just hasn't got the speed. He fights to get up there but then when the real sprint starts he goes backwards.”


Mr. Cavendish, this is not the first time that you have lashed out after an unsuccessful day at the races, and I suspect it will not be the last.

You have shown that you are a remarkable talent. A man of the future. It’s too bad that your maturity off the bike has yet to develop at the same level. Grow up, Shut up, and Ride.

While you're at it, I suggest you read what Erik Zabel had to say about Bennati closing the gate on him, during the same sprint.

"It was a very unlucky sprint. I was in good position and I had found the right wheel. Unfortunately, the road was so close that I was unable to pass between Daniele Bennati and barriers."

Fortunately the U.K. has produced hard men like Robert Millar and Sean Yates, otherwise I’d start thinking that they’re the capital of crybabies.

Wait... am I complaining? Maybe I should shut up and ride?


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