are sometimes smooth and silky, and other times tired and tight.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

8 (+) Reasons Why I Hate Sundays in December

1. Waking up late, but earlier than you'd like, so you can attend a group ride.

2. Discover that your rear tire is flat just as you're leaving.

3. Forced into switching cassettes, since your winter bike is an 8 speed.

4. Discovering 50 meters later that your cassette is loose.

5. Grabbing your good bike, when you'd rather leave it tucked away for the winter.

6. TTing to the meeting point, and arriving 5 minutes late.

7. TTing to the next 6km, in vain hope of catching the group, who are prone to slow starts, but never seeing them.

8. Turning around, because you can't be bothered.

Then the rain starts.


tony- texas car shipper said...

Nice blog, goos luck this sunday...

Unknown said...

That sucks! I hate those days when everything goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

haha I feel your pain, the amount of times my catch up ride is harder than the group ride because the snooze button on the alarm clock