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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wuyts Watch: fun with flying water bottles

Michel and José called it, once again.

Today, on the descent of the Kemmelberg, at Gent-Wevelgem, bottles were flying out of their cages as the riders bounced down the cobbled road. Just when Michel and José were saying 'oohhhhh oi oi oi, dat is gevaarlik' (or 'ohhhhh oi oi oi, that's dangerous'), the little man in green, Jimmy Caspar, from the Bad News Bears of the Pro Tour, Unibet, rubbed wheels with a Gerolsteiner rider, and proceeded to do a face plant, with a chain reaction behind him.


One thing that strikes me as odd: the TV cameras were perfectly placed for the crashes on the descents of the Kemmelberg today. Coincidence, or planned? Hmmmmm...

Here's hoping Jimmy managed to keep a few of his teeth, and is back on the bike ASAP.

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