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Monday, March 3, 2008

A brief word about bicycles, and art

For those out there, who like to refer to a Pinarello, a Richard Sachs, or a BMC, etc as a "work of art" it's time to let you in a secret.

You. Are. Wrong.

A bicycle can be a thing of beauty. It can be a thing of amazing skill. It can be a thing of beautiful craft. It can possess a stunning paint job.

Yet sone, or all, of those attributes does not make a bicycle a "work of art", it makes it a work of "applied art."

That said, if an Artist makes a work, which involves a bicycle, then said bicycle is indeed a "work of art".

A few examples of bicycles (and bicycle parts) that are art:


A work by the most important artist of the 20th century.


A work by the other most important artist of the 20th century Pablo Picasso.

And now some pieces by young, and very much alive Artists.

Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-04-04

This piece by Jonathan Monk.

Image Hosted by

This piece by Simon Starling.

Get the picture?

Somehow I doubt it.


Gregory Garrison said...

I get it but isn't all art "applied art" at some level? Or does applied art only reference items constucted by non artists for pratical use.

Anonymous said...

I concede the point that I may never get it and suppose that even if I did start to get it that the interpretation of getting it would shift on me.

Where's the beer?

Anonymous said...

It's about time we had a post about the infinite joys of being back stateside, no?