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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey hey it's the Munchies

These days cyclists make cameos on TV all of the time, whether it’s the opening credits of Caveman, a commercial for California, or any one of Lance Armstrong’s commercials for Nike, ESPN, and countless drug companies.

Despite the current glut, I always find myself thinking about the Greg LeMond Taco Bell commercial. I can distinctly recall that it was a big deal back in its day: a cyclist in a TV commercial. It made sense, after all Lemond was always talking about how much he loved Mexican food, and how his French team tut-tutted it.

If I recall correctly, when LeMond was having his usual slow start to the season, back in 1990, the commercial was cited as an example of his lack of discipline. Too busy making money, stuck in the US eating tacos, when he should have been riding.

While I knew about the commercial, it took weeks, if not months of zapping before I finally managed to catch it on TV. I was shocked, no, that's not it... I was sickened by what I saw.

Poor Greg. All of that flak, and in the end he’s nothing but a glorified Taco Bell delivery boy, in a World Champion’s jersey, with the munchies.


Anonymous said...

Classic - I love it. Most people probably wondered who the heck he was!

Anonymous said...

I loved that commercial when it came out, and yes as a result, I ate a lot of taco bell. As a teenaged bike racer it was all about calories per $, and it was hard to beat a 6 pack of tacos in that regard. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what I'm having for lunch. Thanks myshavedlegs!