are sometimes smooth and silky, and other times tired and tight.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to the Happy Ever After

Perhaps you didn’t know this, but a cycle tour without a map, is like new poatatos without the smell of mint. You possibly were also unaware of the fact that a new place sets you simmering as your hometown never could. And, dare I say, cycling at the tail end of an excursion, with a permanent view of a crocodile of bent backs in front could give anyone a hump.

A leisurely pace, Wool caps, Tweed Jackets, Knickers, toe clips, and properly secured luggage. You’d think this was footage from a Rapha training camp, or a Portland group ride.

People of all ages, ranks and station, rediscovering their common humanity in finding countryside, exercise, and companionship all in one.

So, grab yourself a hot cup of tea, and enjoy this Cyclist’s Special, brought to you by British Rail Film Board, circa 1955.


Anonymous said...

Is it dreadful that I already had a cup of tea to hand?

adam said...

Best line:

"Rugby? Who wants to go to Rugby?"

adam said...

Best line:

"Rugby? Who wants to go to Rugby?"

Mitcholo Gabel said...

I hate getting punc-cha's

Dave said...

Almost more fun to watch than riding my bike. Now where'd I put that cuppa?