are sometimes smooth and silky, and other times tired and tight.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Commercial Appeal (The One, the Real Thing, and Wanting It)

Anybody who has raced in the U.S. knows that there's one thing that makes all of the sacrifices involved well worth it. Yes sir, when you're reaching for the finish line, you dig down deep inside your mind, the strength that you need, the will to succeed, this is it. You've really got to want it, and after a race, I want it.

After riding through arctic conditions through the dark, dank depths of winter, only to be greeted by the wet and windy spurts of spring, followed by a sub Saharan stifling summer, just to find yourself driving for hours on end, to circle a nondescript industrial park for 60 minutes, the thing that makes it all worthwhile is that can of icy cold Coca-Cola.

Yes indeed, Coke is it.

postscript: Who would have ever thought that long before Neo knew Kung Fu, that he was a bike racer, and was hired to endorse Coca Cola in a Breaking Away inspired commercial?


Psimet said...

No WHHHHEYYYY! A Coke? Thanks, nice older dude. Most excellent.

CyLowe said...

And with that I now know why I have no will to win.