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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Commercial Appeal (Newspapers)

I just saw a simple spot commercial on Belgian TV. At the most it was a vignette. A man, wearing an old school wool cycling jersey, sitting at a table. He breaks an egg, drops it into a glass of dark beer, and knocks it back. It ends with the question "Wij Zijn er Klaar Voor?", which translates as "who's up for it?"

There was no need to say what "it" is. If you live in Flanders, you know.

Yes, the countdown begins. A week from now, there will be a new winner of Vlaanderens mooiste. So, with that in mind, I present a commercial, with so many references to Stephan Vanfletteren's Flandrien, that I wouldn't be surprised if he directed it. Brought to you by Het Nieuwsblad.



Psimet said...

Goosebumps. Awesome. Now I'm thirsty...

Not small longhorn said...