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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lance say Relax

"It is obvious he still has a lot to learn,"

"He is the best rider in the world but the only negative point, and I respectfully say that, is that he is too nervous... He is too good to be so nervous."

"(Contador) can learn from me and from Johan"

"I know a lot of things about cycling...and the best thing to learn is how to relax. That is why we have decided to race together in the Tour of Castilla y Leon."

I don't know, when I read quotes from The Boss like these, I either think of this, or this -

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Am I the only one?


adam said...

You are definitely not the only one having La Vie Claire memories! Soon as Armstrong mentioned "he has a lot to learn" a few days ago I thought 'and here it comes'.

Will be interesting to see LA's shape for MSR this weekend and to see Contador's reponse in his next few races...

CyLowe said...

These quotes make me think LA is playing mind games with Bert. Why would Contador even listen or respond, except to say, "How do those Giro and Vuelta trophies look next to the 7 you got in Paris? Oh, what's that? You never won the Giro or Vuelta? My bad. Oh yeah, I'm only 26, gramps."

It would be quite something to see Lance contend for the Giro and then play uber-support for the Tour. Brueneel should be savvy enough to avoid some T-Mobile too-many-chiefs situation.

It makes for good copy, though.

Anonymous said...

Armstrong play mind games? Never.

Psimet said...

We can only hope that someday Conti will become LeWhiney.

If they're La VC then who's the modern day equivalent of Hampsten?