are sometimes smooth and silky, and other times tired and tight.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chance encounters

It was warm, and slightly humid. At least warm and humid for Amsterdam.

I decide to go for a short ride, out to the Ronde Hoep. Nice and easy. No helmet, just sunglasses and cap. Since the sun was out, I put some oil on my legs, hoping to catch some extra tan. In short - i was being a big poseur.

Until two weeks ago, it was only took a hop, skip, and a jump to get out of town. Now I'm in the center, and have to go across town. While it takes more time, and can be a pain with all of the red lights, i prefer it. It reminds me that i'm living in a city (or something like a city).

Anyway, I'm making my way to the Amstel, and I pass a woman, wearing a green dress, and a black shirt. something about the profile that i catch out of the corner of my eye seems familiar.

I turn, and realize who it is.

Hala, I shout.

Who's that?, she asks.

Then she realizes it's me, and tells me that she's just back from seeing our mutual friend - which is how we know each other - in London.

Then I realize that I'm in my bike clothes, and suddenly become too self conscious for my own good. We exchange a few pleasantries, and I say goodbye.

After all of these years, you'd think I'd have gotten over that. Maybe it was the oil on the legs?


Pozzatto said...

It might just be not being able to talk to women...

Karma Chameleon said...

Shaver I think you lost your confidence without a helmet on. Would she think the future father of her children would ride a bike without a helmet?

Dave Wyman said...

>i was being a big poseur<

This was the anticipatory underpinning behind your self-consciousness.

Hida Yanra said...

it is the random things that I miss about living there - reading your greeting, "hala" took me back for just a moment... thank you.