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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Commercial Appeal?

After waxing nostalgic about Greg LeMond's Taco Bell commercial, I didn't expect to be writing about another commercial so soon. Then I happened to catch the latest Volvo XC-90 ad, I was left with no other choice.

Picture this, an opening shot of pedals spinning, shouts from the side of the road, camera pans to woman, focused on the road ahead, until she looks at the camera and smiles. That's when the camera pulls back, to reveal that we've just been looking at a DVD screen on a head rest, while what seems to be said woman's son videoing her.

The commercial continues to show the cyclist, over the constant hoots and hollers of encouragement from her family, riding here bike, pulling off her knee warmers, getting a massage in the back of the car, getting handed to her on a bottle on a mountain peak, and a 'quick' wheel change, because apparently she's in a rush while she's training.

At least I think she's training. That's what the video is labeled as, and seeing as there's nobody else out on the road, it's not a race. I think. The fact that her family are cheering here, reveals that they far too interested and alert for her to be participating in cycling's equivalent to watching paint dry, i.e. RAAM.

Perhaps this is Volvo subtly shifting away from their soccer mom image, turning the soccer Mom into a bike racer? Maybe.

The next, obvious question is: what about Dad? Does he also get the support car when he rides his bike? Maybe he's already had his race, or maybe he's doing a road version of the Madison with Mom, except he prefers his Nissan Tilda?


LiftDrive said...

Heh, that second one was a little funny. I guess it must be nice to have your family ride support on a training ride.

Arron said...

paul never sounded better. later.