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Monday, January 19, 2009

Duckie's descent...

So here I am, zapping channels, and what do I see?

You don't want to know. Really. OK. I'll tell you.

Pretty in Pink
was a long, long time ago. The simple fact that I remember it clearly dates me. If you add the fact that I was pulling for Duckie to somehow pull things off, and know what that means, then you'll know more about me than I really want you to know.

But, but, but... seriously Mr. Cryer, I realize that things may have not worked out as well as you hoped they would have back in 1986. Your hair has gotten all wierd. You have to play the nerdy brother to Charlie Sheen, in Two and a Half Men, but seriously... don't you ever draw the line?

Couldn't you, "Duckie, 'That's why I ride a bike", at the very least have insisted on wearing a normal helmet? Possibly taken the time to pull the arm warmers up? Maybe even done a little research, to discover the fact that while we shave our legs, we cyclists do not wear thigh high socks?

It's a sad day.

OK, enough of my sad rant, on to the evidence.


Anonymous said...

I was actually pulling for James Spaders character.

He alone in the movie was the only one who understood "staying with ones caste".

Drew Scott said...

Couldn't you just assume that he's a Fred? Oh, and where did he get that aero helmet? That thing is frick'n huge!