are sometimes smooth and silky, and other times tired and tight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A few thoughts on Feed Stations

The feed on the top of the Redoute.

After witnessing some of these things first hand, a couple of things to keep in mind when there's a feed station at the top of a climb.

1. A feed station, next to the top of climb does not mean you should stop pedaling when you cross over the official timing strip. Not only is that inconsiderate to those behind you, chances are you'll get rammed from behind, and rightly so. Pedal through.

2. Don't be one of those idiots who takes their bike with them while lining up to collect water/food/etc. It's rude.

3. Make sure to get there early. Otherwise, people like me will drink all of your cans of Aquarius, and eat all of your Onbijtkoek.

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