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Monday, August 2, 2010

WK Soumagne

A simple email. Sent by the Wegkapitein. Subject "WK." The message, directed to the KMII: "Maybe something for you?" Including a link to the 2010 edition of the ICF World Championship, in Soumagne, Belgium.

As it turns out, the WC isn't so much a World Championship, but a Belgian championship, with cameos by Dutch, German, and English riders, with a few Israelis, and even one American. But that would be quibbling.

As for the race itself, sadly there's not much to report. It can best be summed up with this: I came, I saw, I finished.

Loading the car, in the shadow of the Olympic stadium.

A short ride along part of the Amstel Gold Course in Limburg, where we would stay for the evening,

A rare sight in the Netherlands: hills.

Sunday: Soumagne.

The sublime.

The schematic: What's in store for us (9 laps for me, 13 for my baby faced teammates).

Finish line.


Done and dusted.

What's a teammate do when he's done racing? Hand bottles out, of course!

Post race debriefing.


Cyrille Guimard said...

And how was the race?!

Shaver said...

hot, humid, hilly, and hard.

Andrew said...

how bad could the result be?

Shaver said...

the winner got the jersey.

the other two stood on the podium.

the rest of the top 10, could say they were top 10.

the top 20 could say "i finished top 20."

after that, it really doesn't matter.