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Monday, April 18, 2011

Return to the Battle of the Bulge

It's that time of year. Yes sir, lucky me. Once again a weekend of haute cusine, fancy wines, and leg breaking climbs were on the cards.

The weather was almost perfect.

The bikes were ready.

The wine was waiting.

But first things first: a warm up ride on day one.

After that, a quick shower, a quick beer, then the cooking commenced.

And the table was set.

Amuse (when in Belgium do as the Belgians do. In this case, eat mussels).

Sting Ray with pineapple sauce and fennel.

Lambs Rack with potato pancakes and red chicory.

After that succulent meal sleep was had by all. The following morning we awoke, had breakfast, and made our way to the ol' standby of the Route Buissoniere.

After that, beer was consumed. Potato Chips as well. We even showered.


Slow cooked Cod, with a smoked cheese sauce and spinach.

The next course was Steak and frites, but sadly I was so hungry I forgot to take pics.

By the time desert arrived, I was ready.

Beet root jelly with red fruits.

The morning after the night before, and everyone prepares for our return to the Wanne and the Stockeu.

Post Stockeu reward.

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Suitcase of Courage said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Beautifully documented, written and illustrated. Wish I were there - y'all really know how to live!