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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Commercial Appeal (Coffee and Bad Ideas)

It doesn't get much more Dutch than this.

Glamorous location with unglamorous people. √.

Blond woman, with big sunglasses, and a voice deeper than mine. √.

Man in need of haircut with Don Johnson stubble, whose idea of a conversation is "huh?" √.

Coffee with cookie on the side. √.

Now, the trick is: can you spot the cyclist?


Anonymous said...

Didn't she used to go out with Lance Armstrong?

Dave said...

If the camera had panned up slightly more as the woman walked away, you might have seen me on my bike.

That's because the house where that scene was filmed appears to be at the top of dead-end Blue Jay Way (where George Harrison penned the song of the same name for the Beatles some decades ago).

The house on Blue Jay way is at about 1230 feet above sea level, and it's reached by a steep climb on a bike.

The street which rises above the house in the commercial, just out of camera range, is Sunset Plaza Dr. I was on it late this afternoon.

From my own house in the flatlands of Los Angeles, it's about a 3 mile ride and a 250 climb to reach Sunset Plaza Dr, where it meets famed Sunset Blvd. From there it's possible to reach Blue Jay Way; the route up the street involves a little less than 900 feet of climbing; the grade reaches about 15% in places.

Although I've ridden up Blue Jay Way many times, I've yet to see another cyclist. It's a good bet the cyclist in the commercial wouldn't want to ride up the street in anything other than a motorized vehicle.

Sunset Plaza Drive itself does see an occasional rider besides me; the street serpentines up into the Hollywood Hills (part of the Santa Monica Mountains), with hairpin turns like those on the Mortirolo.

Sunset Plaza Dr. flattens out about 30 feet above Blue Jay Way, and looks down over the house in the commercial as well as over the city.

The street finally tops out at about 1300 feet - 900+ feet of serious climbing in 3.5 miles, none of it as steep, though, as what is found climbing Blue Jay Way.

Dave said...

Using google maps for Blue Jay Way, a "Cremo Cream" (home) business address shows up, just down the road from where the Dutch commercial was filmed.

Cremo Cream is, but of course, an "astonishingly superior shave cream."

It's such a small world.